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Northeast Merchant Systems began operations in September 1990 based on the experiences of the two original principles and perceived market needs. Having both worked in the credit card processing industry for an independent sales organization in Rhode Island, it was obvious there was a New England market for a comprehensive and creditable independent merchant credit card processing service provider that satisfied the merchants’ needs and interests.  NEMS, developed by Michael Sosik and Aaron Dewar, served those needs in most retail related businesses.


During its first two years of operation, Northeast Merchant Systems became known as a creditable, quality operation, providing high quality services and equipment.  Their reputation and competitive position became known to sales representatives with competitive companies. The distinct advantages of the NEMS system have always been found in: 1.) the comprehensive services offered through one service provider,  2.) an elevated level of personalized support services, and,  3.)  low discount rates for MasterCard, VISA, and Discover® processing. Northeast was one of the charter ISOs to be offered External Sales Organization status with American Express.


NEMS began establishing agent bank relationships in Massachusetts during 1990 and 1991.  The number of relationships has grown throughout the years until the volume from these bank prospects keeps one or two representatives busy on a daily basis. Presently Northeast enjoys these agent bank relationships throughout all of New England.


In 1996 NEMS moved to their present location at 24 New Boston Road, Sturbridge, MA, into a building owned by the two original principles of Northeast Merchant Systems, Inc.


The company flourished and grew, forming direct banking relationships with first, Chittenden Bank of Rutland, VT, later, with Citizens Bank of Providence, RI., and Merrick Bank.  All of the functions previously accomplished by outside partners were brought in-house so today NEMS control its own sales, operations and support functions.  This includes live, on-line access to both the acquiring bank as well as with the front end and back end processors.  An in-house  full-time fraud specialist monitors the transactions of merchants on the Northeast system, enabling early intervention in cases of suspected fraud or merchant error.   The company builds and maintains individually designed terminal programs in-house vastly reducing the time required for emergency repairs and programming required at a merchant’s location.


In 2000, the company reorganized to fight a hostile takeover of its portfolio,  and a new entity was formed, Northeast Merchant Systems, Inc.  The new entity picked up where the original entity left off and in most cases the change was transparent to the merchants.


With the increasing acceptance of debit cards in New England, Northeast Merchant Systems became a certified encryption center for pin pads, enabling required pin pads to be securely encrypted in our certified secure encryption center in Sturbridge, MA.  This permits the company the advantage of  being in control of this important function and not having to rely on expensive out-sourcing.


As in 1990, when the company was started, Northeast installers still install every new terminal and personally train the business owners, or their designated representatives, in the proper operation of their new equipment.  This is the first contact most merchants have with the support oriented philosophy of the company and begins to cement relationships that is destined to last for many years to come.


The company presently sits at the pinnacle of the recent wireless technology explosion.  With full wireless and WiFi capability leading the way, the company offers merchants the latest in terminals and software options  - all supported by a full in-house staff at NEMS in Sturbridge, MA.


Offering solutions to most software and hardware requirements, our in-house programs support every classification of merchant from basic retail to the most complex internet environment.

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Northeast Merchant Systems is a registered ISO/MSP of Merrick Bank, South Jordan, UT — Copyright © 2016 Northeast Merchant Systems Inc.