Add Security to Your eCommerce Platform with NEMS

NEMS can provide a merchant processing account that can be integrated within your existing software system, or we can direct interested merchants to any number of reputable web service providers who will recommend software products that are time tested for specific e-Commerce operations or proposed product lines.  The level of guidance and support from Northeast is determined by the degree of confidence the merchant has in their current internet service provider and their level of expertise in establishing fully secure e-Commerce sites.

As a result of the increased risk with e-Commerce merchants, merchant candidates are required to complete a comprehensive e-Commerce Profile Sheet that provides the acquiring bank and the processors with very specific data regarding the operation and fulfillment of the proposed e-Commerce application.  This insures that the e-Commerce applicant will be operating in full compliance with current MasterCard and VISA rules and requirements.

Northeast Merchant Systems provides security with Ecommerce Plaforms.
Northeast Merchant Systems has a Full-Time Fraud specialist that monitors your system to protect against fraud.

It is important for new e-Commerce merchants to understand the potential for fraud through the internet.  Depending on the product line traded, the risk factor for fraud can go from low-moderate, to extremely high.  Part of the merchant relationship for NEMS is the daily monitoring of transactions by our fraud detection department.  With e-Commerce merchants, each merchant must take a more active part in the fraud management aspect of the relationship and operation.

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