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Privacy Policy

Northeast will not sell, trade, or provide your account information to any outside interests, for any purpose not directly related to the application and/or operation of a merchant processing account.  Information collected through the application process is forwarded to our acquiring bank, and leasing facility if applicable, to obtain credit and application approvals.


From time to time our offices will utilize your account history and records to make certain promotions and compliance issues known to you. We will never openly solicit you to purchase supplies under the guise of a “promotion”.


All information collected from merchants whether retained on paper or in electronic media, is retained in fully protected systems at our facility in Sturbridge, MA.

Return Policy

Northeast will replace, at our expense, any supply product found to be defective upon notification and return of defective item, when defect is the result of manufacturer error or shipping damage.  Free replacement does not extend to items damaged by buyer upon receipt or at installation of item, or as a result of negligence.


New equipment is covered for a minimum of one year under the manufacturer’s warranty during which period, Northeast shall act as warranty representative for the purposes of repair or replacement.  NEMS will provide a temporary loaner while merchant’s equipment is repaired or replaced, through the manufacturer’s licensed repair facility.   It is the responsibility of the merchant to ship their defective equipment to NEMS in Sturbridge, MA.  (Please see the terms of the equipment warranty provided by each manufacturer, as each manufacturer has slightly different warranty conditions.  Generally, most defects and conditions, not attributable to Acts of God or negligence, are covered.)


Used equipment is sold “as is” with no implied or expressed warranty or warranty period.


There is no guarantee by Northeast Merchant Systems, Inc., that any processing equipment provided by the merchant, and obtained elsewhere at merchant expense, will be serviceable and effective, due to internal damage or restrictive programming by the previous owner or processor.  This equipment, if programmable, is subject to such upgrades that may be required to bring the equipment in compliance with current MasterCard, VISA, and Discover® requirements.  All upgrades are at the merchant’s expense.

Service Policy

Northeast Merchant Systems provides full services, both technical and physical for all merchants actively processing through our system.  This includes, but is not limited to, reasonable bank and processor research, user support of equipment and programs, and repair and replacement of damaged or defective equipment.  NEMS stocks all appropriate supplies which can be shipped to merchants who order through our facility or website.  NEMS supports all P.O.S. terminals programmed through our offices.


When a terminal is damaged or fails to operate according to manufacturer’s guidelines, Northeast will provide merchant with a loaner unit and see that merchant’s non-working unit is repaired, at the merchant’s expense (if not covered under manufacturer or distributor’s warranty).  It is the responsibility of the merchant to ship the defective unit to NEMS in Sturbridge, MA.  All other shipping costs will be borne by NEMS.  Every aspect of service necessary for the merchant to be in compliance with MasterCard, VISA, and Discover® rules and requirements is supplied through NEMS.

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