Support & Services

NEMS provides technical support for any of the merchant categories below located in the U.S. Read more to find the program that best fits your business.


Support & Services

NEMS provides installation & technical support for any of the merchant categories below located in the New England region. Read more to find the program that best fits your business.


This category is comprised of conventional merchants who operate in a walk-in, card-present, face-to-face, sales environment.  Merchants will have an established/proposed business operation with daily and weekly hours of operation and well as an inventory in support of their operation.  Products are transferred for payment on premises and customer leaves the premises with product in hand.  This category includes the new contactless payment processing system commonly known as “Pass and Go”. This classification also includes fund raising events for charitable organizations and foundations.

Retail – Mail/Telephone Order

Merchants may or may not have a conventional walk-in, card-present sales environment.  In addition, merchants accept remote orders over telephone or through mail.  Remote orders are generated by the purchaser as a result of a catalogue, website or prior customer knowledge of merchant’s inventory.   Orders are not accepted over the internet.  Orders are not the result of out-going telephone marketing/solicitations.  Orders are either self fulfilled or fulfilled through an outside fulfillment house.  Credit card is charged when the product is shipped, and not when the order is taken.

Retail – eCommerce

Merchants operate their businesses strictly over the internet.  These merchants receive additional protections from chargebacks due to the nature of their operation.  This classification requires a fully secure, compliant website allowing encrypted credit card information to be securely transmitted directly to the merchant via the internet.   Cards are charged at the time the product ships and can be either self fulfilled by the merchant of fulfilled by an outside fulfillment house.  This category requires special computer program considerations to be compliant with the ever changing MasterCard, VISA, and Discover® rules and requirements.


From fast food “Pass and Go” contactless technology to sit-down formal dining with full tip adjustment capability and bar-tab feature, this program classification covers the credit processing needs of any food service establishment.  With the full feature dining program, merchants can identify their wait-staff and prepare batch reports “by employee” each day, if desired.  The tremendous amount of flexibility in this program allows a restaurateur to maximize the power of the dining program to their advantage.  On the other end of the spectrum, the contactless payment system makes the fast food environment truly that – fast!


Our lodging program provides merchants with the fullest degree of chargeback protect available under current MasterCard, VISA, and Discover® rules and regulations.  It has the advantage of providing full “advance reservations” and deposit services, as well as “no-show” protection for cases where lodging reservations are not honored by the cardholder.  Other programs allow merchants who do not take reservations to utilize a very user friendly “charge-at-check-in” scenario, possibly appropriate for smaller inns and motels.  Our lodging programs can be as simple as required but still be as secure and comprehensive as necessary, depending on the type and style of the lodging establishment.

Business-to-Business & Government

Designed for commercial accounts that operate in a business-to-business environment, this classification allows the merchants to gather the necessary specific information to qualify for the best discount rates in this category.  This also holds true for merchants who do business with the federal government, where many agencies require their vendors to accept payments for goods and services with government credit cards.

Customer Service Department

We specialize in customer advocacy concerning underwriting, technical support, troubleshooting, retrieval and chargeback issues, etc. Customer Service Hours Of Operation are 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. NEMS also has a 24 hour on-call Customer Service person available to resolve equipment and procedural questions and problems any time of the day or night.  (Additionally, our front end processor provides a 24 hour customer support department, if necessary.)

Installation Support

All equipment provided to the merchant is plug-n-play and programmed by an in-house technical expert.  The company continues to provide merchants with the latest, state-of-the art processing equipment.  Although NEMS is capable of re-programming other equipment, we strongly recommend merchants utilize the most modern equipment available to eliminate premature obsolescence and increase efficient processing and maintenance of merchant equipment. All merchants receive extensive tele-training upon receipt of new equipment.

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